Standortgründung 1977

Our History

As a family owned company the name CERAMANT stands for high quality products.

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Our History

The Peter Müller GmbH & Co KG was founded in the year 1977 at the site of Wald/Schoberpass from Mr. Peter Müller.

The one-man-company grew induced by the efforts of Mr. Peter Müller and with high quality products and services to a well known service company in the sector of refurbishment and wear parts for the pulp and paper industry far across the border of Austria.

As supplier for renowned system providers it was possible to collect the necessary know-how to offer solutions for special requirements of borderline problems of wear protection. With this experience we are able to provide solutions for more than 200 customers all over Europe.

Nowadays we produce at ca. 3.200 m2 production area and with a permanent staff of 25 employees at the site of Wald/Schoberpass.

1977 - Company foundation

Production area ca. 900 m2

Employees: 6

1989 - Addition "east"

Production area ca. 1.600 m2

Employees: 15

2003 - Addition "west" | new office building

Production area ca. 3.000 m2

Employees: 20

2007 - Addition goods treatment| QM

Production area ca. 3.200 m2

Employees: 25

2013 - Increment of capacity welding technology

Modernization of facilities and enhancement of capacities in the section welding technology.

2014 - Increment of capacity coating technology

Enlargement of the existing facilities and modernization of the process control.