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Opposite to usual offered platings of competitors we our own and unique coating alloy. With the experience of more than 35 years in the pulp and paper industry we have adapted our alloys perfectly to the requirements.

We are proud to present the further stage CPS1-Vario of our very successful alloy CPS1. This highly resistant alloy offers an smooth dynamic hardness control within the coating. It allows to adapt the coating perfectly for every application. We also reach a very high level of ductility and therefore also operational safety.

One benefit is also that it is possible to enhance the lifecycle of critical parts and to lower the maintenance costs.

Recommended application:

  • rotors and screen plates (Pulper, Fiberizer, Fibersorter, Combisorter, ...)
  • screws (Beltec, FAN, HSP, Kufferath, ...)
  • scraper (Rejectsorter, ...)