Coating Technology

Don't leave your wear protection to chance!
Because of the configuration of our coating facilities we are able to offer very flexible and highly efficient solutions.

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Coating Technology

Because of the configuration of our coating facilities we are able to offer very flexible and highly efficient solutions.

We offer complex deposition welding solutions with very durable alloys and materials which are continuously developed and adapted to every customer's requirements. At our own laboratory we analyze every particular element, adapt and test the alloys with special equipment to release it for batch production.
Our induction sintering unit allows us to use the benefit of fast energy insertion to the component. Because of the very short and pinpoint sintering time the alloy will keep the attributes desired.

For borderline problems and high quality applications we have developed a special flame-shock coating system. It is possible to produce highest adherence and hardness of the coating.

PTA-welding facilities


9-axis-PTA-unit, max: D 3.000 x 2.000 mm, 2 t
6-axis-PTA-unit, max: D 1.200 x 600 mm, 0,5 t


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Our robotic welding systems allow us to coat difficult and delicate accessible areas with highest quality. Because of an fully integrated software solution we can adapt the hardness and tenacity smooth throughout the process. This possibility allows us to offer consistent quality and reliability of our attached welding.

Additional to our robotic systems we also run powerful, hand operated facilities to realize every kind of geometry.

Flame-shock coating systems


Max: D 2.000, L 4.500 mm, 3 t

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Our self developed and constructed coating center differs from most of the known high velocity treatments because the process heat is much lower. Most of the needed temperature is generated with kinetic energy. One big benefit is that the properties of the work piece material will not be influenced. The maximum operating heat is about 80°C.




MF-sintering facility, max: 800 x 100 mm
Vacuum-intert gas-unit, max: 800 x 600 x 400 mm
Tempering, max: 1.200 x 800 x 800 mm
Coating removal unit, max: 2.500 x 1.500 mm

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With our sintering facilities we do have the benefit of very fast energy insertion to the work piece. The short process time ensures that the applied coating will keep the desired features and the forming of phases will be reduced. With an vacuum atmosphere and the use of protective gas it is possible to attach coatings at optimum conditions and to assure maximum operating safety.