Welding Technology

Good connections for your operating safety!
By the use of latest welding machines and technical equipment we can assure a constant quality of our welding processes.

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Welding Technology

A complete welding equipment, specialized at processing of austenitic materials and highly qualified employees guarantee highest quality and professional workmanship also of critical materials.

The segregation of ferritic and austenitic working areas is self-evident.

7 Welding cabins (MIG-MAG-WIG)


6 pc. rotary-, tilt-, lifting-table, D 3.000 mm, max. 2,5 t
2 pc. rotary-, tilt-, lifting-table, D 2.000 mm, max. 1,6 t

Short description

Our welding technicians have the latest welding machines and rotary-, tilt-, lifting-tables available so that the processed areas are always within reach perfectly. Therefore we always can assure highest quality of the weld seams applied.

For the personnel safety our technicians have the appropriate protective work wear at disposal. A modern dust extraction system with exhaust-walls and adjustable exhaust-ports is liable for the proper protection of our employees.