Papier- und Zellstoffindustrie

Pulp&Paper Industry

Don't leave your wear protection to chance!
Verlängerung der Wartungsintervalle und Leistungssteigerung.

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Pulp and Paper Industry

We have collected some case studies which represent our field of activity and capabilities as a short overview. It is our desire to support you and to find the ideal solutions for your problems.

With our unique hard-facing alloys we can reach optimum results. The performance of our rotors is characterized by an consistent and conceivable performance througout the lifecycle.

Screen plates and supporting frames
It does not matter if Ceramant screen plates are manufactured completely new or refurbished - they will convince with quality and performance!

Housings Retrofit
The retrofit and modernization of existing facilities can be an cost-saving alternative to new acquisitions. Special adaptations of existing facilities can be realized too.

Pump impeller
Better than new, cheaper as the original! Save up to 30 % on refurbished pump impellers compared to a new part and get up to 30 % more lifetime because of our hard facing alloys.

Pump housings
The refurbishment of pump housings is an cost-effective alternative to new purchases. With our hard-facing alloys we can protect the inner contours against abbrasive wear.  

Screw presses
With our unique technology and various adaptive features of our hard facing alloys we can enhance the lifetime of screw presses.

Pressure screen rotors
Coated with latest technology and machined exactly.

Protective sleeves
Our coated protective sleeves will convince you with performance.